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good afternoon tuesday, march 1st. this is what we're watching. let's make a deal. the speaker says he plans to avert a government shutdown. democrats call his plan russian roulette. congressman charlie rangel weighs in. they love you, man? gadhafi's grip on power and reality slip, as the white house turns up the heat. the best man? prince harry steps out of the shadows, as his brother's wedding draws near. but is he really prepared for his moment in the sun? and fools rush in. should the president take tips on diplomacy from the architects of the war in iraq?
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at this hour, the house of representatives is wrapping up a debate on a two-week stopgap measure to fund the federal government and keep it operating. a vote is set for roughly 3:45 eastern time and we'll keep you posted when that happens. if the funding extension does pass, it then moves on to the senate, where a vote is likely tomorrow or thursday. republican leader john boehner said the house will do its job, but say his can't speak for the senate. >> i know what the house is going to do today. and that is we're going to cut $4 billion and keep the government open until march 18th. i can't predict what the senate will or won't do. >> if they send one that's a month long, would you be okay? >> if ands and buts were candy and nuts, ever day would be
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christmas. >> congressman charlie rangel a democrat from new york and former chairman of the house, ways and mean committee and he joins us. >> good to be with you. >> your 21st term in the congress, and i'm assuming you've seen these kinds of high stakes politicking in the past. so of all members, tell us, will a deal be done on friday? >> i don't know. i can't tell you whether it will be done on friday. it is very controversial. but we are moving in right direction. there's no way to resolve this issue unless we talk. and so the two weeks gives us an opportunity, not only to just deal with a continued resolution that would take us two weeks, but we also have to deal with the debt ceiling and also to 2012 budget. so, i do hope that the leadership is trying to provide a solution to all of these problems, because the whole country, indeed the world, is waiting to see what we do. >> do congressional members realize that, while they claim
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to be acting in the public interest, the public has become deeply frustrated with their conduct because funding government for just two weeks, isn't that grossly inefficient? >> yes, and it's totally embarrassing. but you now, we have new members that have come here with a commitment not to borrow any funds and they are cutting meaningful programs but cutting programs don't necessarily mean that you are saving money. you could be causing more of a problem fiscally by cutting something that could be a revenue razor. having said that they don't want to explain to their people back home why they would authorize the president to either raise the debt ceiling or why they find that we still will have to borrow more money. so, yes, it's frustrating when the world leader finds ourselves governing two weeks at a time. but that's what we find ourselves in, as the situation, and we have to work it out. >> see, last year's gallup
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survey of public confidence in institutions found congress ranks dead last out of 16 institutions. even television news came five places above you in the public esteem and it's hardly surprising, is it? >> to be honest, take another look at these polls, you would find our constituents are more than satisfied with us individually. vie to agree with you, as a group, we don't come out well, and i don't think we should. it's embarrassing that we have the polarization that exists this congress and since i've been here, i've never seen it ankhed so much in terms of anchored and lack of communication with each other. >> can i get to you personally. last year was a difficult one for you yourself. you were found guilty of 11 violations of house rules, including improperly using your office to raise money and failing to pay taxes. we've talked about the inertia in congress.
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but isn't corruption just as great a temptation? >> there is no question, but there was no indication, nor was there any allegation, that raising money was for students in the city college of new york, the taxes were paid, paid to a foreign country, and it wasn't reported. but certainly it didn't come under the banner of corruption. they said that i was overzealous in raising money for the kids and certainly the accountants misred reread a lot of things. i think what they made abundantly clear, there was no accusation that i received anything, was seeking anything, or was any profits that i profited from this thing at all. >> you were, however, found guilty of 11 charges. but let me move on -- >> let me make it clear, since you're back to 11 thises, 8 of those were letters i had sent that the government had paid
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for, that one time there was no opposition against doing that. so when you count whether or not stamps were paid, whether the letters were sent, each one was a different series. but eight of those was one event, one event, and that event was to raise money for the rangel scholars at the city college of new york. >> when you consider the never ending scandals in both parties, is it fair to say that it's almost become impossible to work in congress and come out the other end clean and ethically sound? >> i -- no, of course that's absolutely ridiculous. there's 435 of us, and certainly there's never been any allegations against me for any criminal behavior. and at the time that, as you pointed out, the congress was at an all-time unpopular position and people did not want to explain me to their voters. but i'm senior member of the
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ways and means committee and i work closely with the leadership of both parties. it rough when people say public service and those that receive pensions from public servants, that they are the enemy. but i would like to encourage all young people think about serving their country as a matter of fact, for those who don't, i've advocated a draft of all people between 18 and 41 to do service for this country. this is the greatest country in the world. it's easy to knock it. but i think it's the right and patriotic thing to do, to build it up and serve. >> congressman charlie rangel, thank you very much, indeed. now let's get reaction and perspective from msnbc an lift and pulitzer prize winning columnist for "the washington post," eugene robinson. welcome to the show. >> great to be here. >> what is your reaction to mr. rangel's response. >> the response on the shutdown
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on the response on his personal response? let's take his personal response first. you know, charlie rangel is one of the most fascinating characters on capitol hill. he's widely liked on both sides of the aisle. he is not, i would say, a crook. he is a pasha, a congressman who was there -- has been there for 20 terms, and congressman who has been in office for 20 terms are used to certain perks and to rules not applying to them. and i think that, in sum, is what the charges are. frankly that's one thing people are angry about. >> a sense of entitlement that develops over time? >> entitlement almost doesn't say it, martin. it's gross entitlement, i think. and again, that -- you see it in desperate movements, in the tea party and on the left. it's just a frustration with
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this sense of privilege and perhaps being above everyone else. >> let's talk about the possibility of a government shutdown. according to "the washington post," and a princeton survey, americans are split virtually down the plids whmiddle. the president and speaker boehner spoke for ten minutes on the phone today discussing the budget. how do you think that phone call went? >> i think the president and speaker boehner both want to avoid a shutdown. precisely because the public is split, and they don't know who's going to get blamed if the government does shut down. we're talking about the current year budget. the democrats should have passed this duj et last year, when they had the votes. republicans should not now be demanding unreasonable budget cuts while we're in the middle of the fiscal year, knowing such draconian reductions would be a
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huge disruption. so which way is that going to cut? it may not be like 1995, when the republicans got blamed. no one quite knows, and that's why, i think, the leadership on both sides want to avoid a shutdown. the question is the rank and file. >> we're expecting a vote, we think, around 35 minutes. is the senate likely to go along with a two-week continuing resolution to keep things up and running? >> i think if the alternative is to have things grind to a halt on friday, i believe the senators will find a way to go along with even a brief continuing resolution. >> eugene robinson of "the washington post," thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. >> great to be here. when we come back, the white house ratchets up the pressure on gadhafi. will it drive the dictator from his throne? plus, charlie sheen just can't help himself. and you may not believe what
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>> the united states and the international community continue to increase pressure on colonel moammar gadhafi. here's the latest on the situation. defense secretary robert gates, holding a news conference moments ago, said 400 u.s. marines are aplong tmong the mi assets moving closer to libya. forces are expected to be used for humanitarian needs though military act is not off the table hillary clinton told congress a strong u.s. response in libya is vital.
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>> in the years ahead libya could become a peaceful democracy or face protracts civil war, or it could descend into chaos. the stakes are high. and this is an unfolding example of using the combined assets of smart power, diplomacy, development, and defense. >> inside libya, rebels repealed an assault from gadhafi forces in three key cities, including the one they hold closest to the capital of libya. nbc's stephanie gosk is reporting from benghazi, one of the areas in the country held by rebel forces. stephanie, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, martin. >> in simple overall terms, is the country now divided between east and west, and does that mean that the likelihood of a civil war is going up, is increasing? >> reporter: yeah, it definitely is divided. this is about in the eastern, talk about the eastern portion, that's about a third of libya.
3:16 pm
it is completely controlled by the opposition forces. they are, in fact, setting up an entirely independent government here, and a military here. now in the west, however, it's a bit more complicated. you do have some cities that have fallen to the opposition. you see gadhafi now trying to reclaim those cities and reassert his power in places. he's having some difficulty doing that. but you are already seeing signs of a civil war. when you have groups factions of people within a country fighting each other, arming themselves with the sole purpose to fight each other, like you're seeing here, that's civil war. >> the u.s. government is talking about providing humanitarian aid. but are the rebels now asking for direct military assistance to fight back against gadhafi? >> reporter: some are in and around tripoli, you've heard some calls for that. in this part of the country they're not asking for that. in fact the exact opposite. they do not want international troops on the ground here. they are talking about the know
3:17 pm
fly zone discussed right now between europe and the u.s., nato considering the possibilities for a no-fly zone, people in this part of the country are concerned about the libyan air force coming in and bombing them. there have been some reports of bombings in the past though you had saif gadhafi come out, the son of moammar gadhafi, say they have not ordered planes to kill civilians and invite international investigate to come in and prove him wrong. >> briefly, stephanie, you heard probably yesterday, gadhafi saying, my people love me. is that what the people are saying to you? that they love him? >> reporter: no, that's not what they're saying here. now, granted, there are still some pro-gadhafi elements in this area but they are overpowers by opposition groups here that people are being vocal about how much they dislike gadhafi. there are a number of things that he said in that interview people would be surprised to hear. the other interesting fact was that all of the opposition is
3:18 pm
completely being manipulated by al qaeda. we've been here for days. we don't see any evidence of al qaeda. maybe there hear, people would be surprised to hear they're being manipulated by them. >> stretephanie gosk, thank you on capitol hill, a short time ago, hillary clinton said the u.s. will pursue an investigation into whether gadhafi himself ordered the bombing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie scotland. this is afar cry from the treatment of gadhafi before the crisis when american and british governments spent eight year seeking to normize the relations with the dictator. . until now, the normalization has been lucrative for a number of individuals. nbc news michael isikoff has written about the issue for and he joins me now from washington. michael, i first want to ask you about this new information on gadhafi and lockerbie. i think you mentioned this in
3:19 pm
your article, is that true? >> well, we do know that the former justice minister has said he has definitive proof that gadhafi ordered the lockerbie bombing of -- and that alma gra hi, the libyan intelligence agent convicted by a scottish court of committing the bombing, was preparing to spill the beans if he didn't get released from prison, as he did, in the summer of 2009. given those comments, it almost begs for an investigation. after all, 270 people were killed in that bombing, many americans. memories are very vivid for the family members of that terrorist act. so to have gadhafi's own former justice minister saying he has proof that gadhafi ordered that terrorist act, it's not surprising that hillary clinton would say what she did today. >> in your article you say several u.s. and uk officials
3:20 pm
involved in dealing with libya, ended up benefiting personally. how and who benefited? >> well, it's the old revolving door, martin. david welch, senior u.s. diplomat, who negotiated the lifting of sanctions against libya, left the state department at end of 2008 and immediately went to work for bechtel, a major construction company. among his duties, overseeing business development in libya. mark alan, the british spy master who dealt directly with gadhafi on his decision to surrender nuclear weapons in 2003, then went to work for bp, the oil company, every seeing that company's oil deal in libya. and you also had american companies, american lobbying firms, one headed by bob livingston, former chairman of the house appropriations committee, that signed $2.4 million contract to represent
3:21 pm
gadhafi's regime in washington. so there is quite a few people on both sides of the atlantic who seem to have benefitted from the opening of relations with gadhafi. >> so some individuals made a huge amount of money. isn't the bigger point here that the benefit of a foreign relations has meant that gadhafi agreed to give up weapons of mass destruction and given what's happening at moment, surely we're reaping the benefit of that now? >> that is certainly a powerful argument. it's being used by former bush officials now who are citing that policy as a reason for the thawing of relations. but i think the point that's being made by some critics, including the family members of those lockerbie victims is, did we go too far? it's one thing to have cut a deal with gadhafi to have sur rendered his weapons of mass destruction. but did that necessarily have to lead to the kind of thawing and
3:22 pm
warm relations that we saw -- that we've seen in the last few years so much so that when the secretary of state, assistant secretary of state, jeffrey feltman went to tripoli in 2009 and asked about gadhafi's record of human rights abuses, he said, president obama would not let that be an op bstacle to closer relations of the two countries. it's a question of balance. that's what a lot of people are looking at in the coming weeks. >> michael, thank you again for your reporting on this story. when we come back, prince harry, with his girlfriend at his side, prepares to sent his brother off in style. we're off to the palace. charlie sheen, king of his own castle. nbc's jeff rossen lets us get inside charlie's state of mind. she felt lost...
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new developments in the wisconsin union process. milissa rehberger is in the newsroom. >> right now, a hearing is go on in madison over an order to reopen the capitol building doors to protesters. first restricted access as union members demonstrated throughout the halls. grouped filed suit yesterday and the judge gave the order to reopen a few hours ago. people living in ohio and parts of the midwest are bracing for even more flooding today. yesterday, thunderstorms and tornadoes ripped through the region with report of tornados in illinois and kentucky. a milestone in the world of pop. justin bieber beginning a turf transition -- of child star to adulthood. he turns 17. not only did bieber release his 3-d documentary this year but to
3:27 pm
the shock of fan his cut off the trademark locks. the beebe is not too grown up to spend his birthday with his families. he's hanging out with his grandparents looking forward to grandma's cherry cleese caheese. i understand you're a bit of a rock star at home these days because you are in the movie. >> my 14-year-old daughter went to see it and she came home having pay nod attention to my entire career, and said you're a star because you're in that show. >> martin, you never know where your cool dad points are going to come from. >> i'm desperate for those. thanks. the best man, how is younger brother prince harry preparing for his role at the world's biggest wedding? as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus vitamin d to help maintain healthy blood pressure.
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on television, the internet and radio stations across the country, there's now a familiar
3:31 pm
sound, the nonstop rantings of sitcom star charlie sheen. the actor has taken on a personal campaign, a war, that's calls with cbs. today, sheen continues his mission to be heard, claiming he's been misjudged and treated unfairly by the network. nbc's jeff rossen has spent quite a bit of time with the actor this week and he joins us. >> reporter: hi, martin. happy to sit down with charlie sheen once over the weekend, and as you know, we aired that interview on the "today" show on monday morning. as soon as that piece was over, within a couple of minutes, my cell phone rang and it was charlie sheen, who said you know what? come back observe the house again, i have more i want to say. so what we did was, we went back and had a candid conversation and a peek at what charlie sheen's life is like these days behind closed doors. we met his two new girlfriends, who live with him, charlie sheen calls them the goddesses. there's a lot of pick up in the media about that word because, he will explain why they are
3:32 pm
goddesses and not just his girlfriends. we talked to them in a rare ch are different than other women in his life. monday his publicist quit he wants to tape but they won't let him on the top. here's our new interview. >> these women don't judge me. you're going to help me solve this, we solve it. because i -- what i tell them, don't live in the middle. don't live in the middle. >> it's interesting, what strikes you ben walk into charlie sheen's house you don't know what to expect. you heard radio phone call shows and picture him in a cold sweat
3:33 pm
walking around the house. in reality you walk in, he has an inner circle of less than ten people, including his chef and two goddesses. he has a couple of assistants. he has a manager. as you know, his publicist quit. and so, you walk in, and it's one of these feelings there's always somebody around. charlie sheen's house is not often quiet. it's not like music is blaring, people are talking. in his inner circle, what i've in theed and observed from my eight hours there, people come and go as they please. once he trusts you, he trusts you. the house looks lived in. you know, you have a lot of kids' clothes around, twin boys are staying with him this month right now. they're usually in a different room playing with nannies or goddesses playing with them. kids' drawing on the refrigerator. baby food is there. charlie sheen techs a lot. he throws the ball around. plays a lot of baseball. looking forward making major
3:34 pm
league 3. working on a book. that's what his life is like. it's not -- at least from what we have seen during the day what he's allowed us to speak, it looks fairly normal. interacts with his girlfriends in a fairly normal way, as well. but we are going to continue our conversations with clar, ho cha sheen hopefully and as he gets locked into a protracted legal battle with cbs and $16 million. >> thank you. now, to the palace and our royal clock continues to move forward with now just 59 days until the wedding of prince william and kate middleton. while the eyes of the world are focuses on the happy couple, one man continues to attract attention, williams' brother and best man, prince harry. his life tens to be overshadowed by his big brother but he can grab the headlines.
3:35 pm
joining us from buckingham palace, robert jobson, an nbc royal commentator. you're not in buckingham palace. you're in our london studio. >> i am indeed. >> in the early hours of sunday morning, prince harry exited yet another nightclub, and his unmarked police vehicle hit a photographer. how did that happen? >> well, the trouble is with this, martin, a lot of it is the photographers get too close. bodyguards have one thing on mind to drive the royal person away as quickly as possible. i think it was a genuine accident. there's an argument of what's going on. but the guy's broke his leg so it's serious. >> prince harry's life overshadowed by his brother who will one day succeed to the throne and become king. do you detect a level of abandon, hoping while his
3:36 pm
brother garners atension, prince harry can have some fun. >> what he can do the past king, such as george v and george vi were second sons. could be good king harry, as die nan used to call him. he has a carefree abandon about him. able to have all of the fun and principally trappings without the responsibility. so wonder he's a party prince. >> i accept that. he likes his nightclubs but like his girlfriend chelsy davy and reports she will, indeed, be accompanying harry at his brother, prince william's wedding, is that right? >> harry, of course, has a big job as the best man but chelsea is going to be there. she was with pitch middleton eight party, seen as a prerun to the hen party and out on a couple of dates with harry since. i think so, yes. harry never wanted her to leave him anyway. it was her decision to cool down the relationship when she went
3:37 pm
back to africa. it's possible it's back on. looks like she's going to be at the wedding yes. >> they've had an inconsistent relationship. do you think prince harry and chelsy davy may themselves end up getting married eventually? >> they've been together a long time, on and off. this relationship seems to be quite a sort of emotional one. they both seem to like each other but have too much of each other when they're in each other's pockets, if you like. i don't think harry's for getting married yet. he's in his mid-20s. they are a -- they seem to be together, when they can be. i think harry's more smitten with her than she is with him. >> thanks again for your insights. from wisconsin to new jersey to california, the fight over budgets and pensions and collective bargaining has led to governors targeting public employees for their massive deficits. this, despite the fact that policemen, firefighters,
3:38 pm
teachers, they had nothing to do with unfunded pensions or subprime mortgage meltdowns, or indeed wall street fraud. dylan ratigan most of "dylan ratigan show" and joins me live from burbank, california. >> good afternoon. >> is this a war on the working class of this country? >> yes, it is. and beyond that, martin what it is, is those who do not have powerful political constituencies are being asked to pay the price for actions of other people. we are punishing the innocent while the guilty use their political coalitions to avoid blame and it's insulting to every single person in america, martin, to suggest that the collapse in american housing, that the spike in american unemployment, and the result ant collapse in american tax revenue that is causing so much anguish is in any way of fault of america's teachers, firefighters or cops. and i think what you're seeing
3:39 pm
here is not only a failure of political leadership, but you're seeing an egregious failure in the media to take up this message and understand that the reason that america is in the hole is because its housing market and its employment market have been annihilated by incredibly destructive, reckless and fraud ridden financial practices currently being covered up by not only our politicians but by the media and the federal reserve. >> what does it say about america when three years after the financial meltdown we have politicians trying to blance budgets by getting more money out of, be honest, fairly poorly paid teachers, firefighters whereas wall street, once again, funding huge bonuses and everyone's carrying on as if nothing's happened? >> you know what it says, martin. what it says is, america's politicians get 40% of their campaign dollars, 40%, from
3:40 pm
finance, insurance, and real estate. that starts with town mays are in the small towns, the governors on the state level, senators, house of representatives up to the president who took a million from goldman sachs. families, depressed mothers, emasculated fathers, and people who have set out to try to help in their communities, firefighters, cops, judges, and teachers, the lives of those people and the breaching of the culture of fairness that this country was founded on is of no value to these people. they are totally concerned at preserving the campaign donations they get from finance, 40% of all of the money, and health insurance monopolies charging the american people double what the western world pays for health care. what kind of pension problem do you think you'd have if we weren't spending double what the rest of the world pays on health care because of the insurance
3:41 pm
monopolies and the fee for service doctoring system. >> go back to what you describe as this revolving door where government regulators and banker seem to share in senior positions, you saw at the oscars the inside job documentary won best documentary. not many people have talked about that, but that's very much what you're talking about, isn't it? >> that is exactly what i've been talking about since i left cnbc, going back to the spring of 2000 9 at the apex of the financial crisis. i expected -- i know charles ferguson expected and anybody else who understand what happened -- justice would be administered and a vee vamping of the american financial system would occur. instead they allowed larry summers and tim geithner to continue to cover up that problem. now what we're seeing is the teachers, judges and the cops
3:42 pm
being asked to pay while the bonuses continue to be paid out. i honestly don't think the american people will tolerate this. it's too easily understood. the comment that hollywood made by not only nominating but awarding inside job, that award, i think is a more meaningful statement than you might think. huge movies expected to do well in the category, this movie bite both and compliments of the financial crisis inquiry commission, we have clear evidence of fraud in the mortgage sales we have clear evidence of violations of sarbanes-oxley by vikram pandit, ceo at citigroup. the ball's in eric holder and the prosecutor's court. >> dylan ratigan, the physician of finance. thanks to you. i know you have a guest on your own show who is not too bad on television. >> martin, i've been here in hollywood looking for the most charming, most charismatic truth teller in all of the land and i
3:43 pm
believe i have found him. i will reveal him this afternoon, after all, again, i've been night and day in the hallows of hollywood looking r the, again, kerry grant of truth telling, and i believe i have found the man. the neocons are back and they're offering advice to the president. we clear the air. and could a cheating heart be the secret to a healthy marriage? [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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now to the big business of infidelity. i first came across 18 months ago but i need add it was pure lu a professional interest because, well, you take a look at their advertising. ♪
3:47 pm
>> is it time for the slogan is, life is short, have an affair. and with 8.5 million users worldwide, that's a lot of completing. but ceo noel beaterman in a stroke of marketing, well he sea is his website offers a service to already troubled marriages and can keep couples out of the divorce court. he joins us now. good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon, martin. thanks for having me. >> give plea a single piece of verifiable evidence, statistical or otherwise, that adultery can help save a marriage. what is the evidence. >> i'll speak for mire members, i hear from them all of the time, they do love and cherish their families, their economic situation, extended family but what they don't cherish is what goes on or doesn't go on in the
3:48 pm
bedroom. they want to stayen and the marriage, that's why they're pursuing an affair. >> they want to stay in their marriage and they have the affair? >> yes. if they wanted to leave, they could leave. many people do pick up and leave, for their own selfish sexual needs. people pursuing affairs are trying to stay in their marriage. >> how much does to cost to join your site. >> it's 100% free to join. if you want to communicate you have to buy credits. >> how much? >> $49 would get you 100 credits to speak to 20 members on the service. >> around $100 buper client. >> probably about right. >> with 8.5 million users you must be making a lot of money out of people's misery? >> i don't think i'm creating misery. >> no, i said you're making money out of people's misery? >> yes. but if i was doing the service
3:49 pm
as a philanthropic endeavor or giving money to charity or keeping it free, you'd still have a problem with it. i don't think it matters that i make money or don't. >> are you married yourself? >> yes, martin, i'm married, happily maried. >> would you be happy if your wife secretly went on >> no, i say it all the time. i would be devastated but i wouldn't blame in animaanimate . >> i understand that. you're saying you would be devastated if your wife went on ashleymadison behind your back and solace id solicited an affa perfectly happy to solicit that for other people. >> you know, my service facilitates their connection. >> you facilitate adultery. how much is your business worth now? if i was interested in
3:50 pm
purchasing your business, how much would it be worth on the market? >> well, it depends. if invest ofs are interested in returns, infidelity crosses both genders, ethic group, it's a worldwide issue pap my market potential is larger than singles dating sites. are we the next billion dollar company, i would argue so. >> congratulations to you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> there you you have it. >> i'm new new to this cable game and i did notice on the daly show that there is a strong liking for cap videos. so would you believe it it's enter mags al cap day. so here is our play of the day. >> give me a thumbs up, jimmy. curtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio.
3:51 pm
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3:54 pm
time to clear the air. president obama has been taking a truckload of flack from the right for his measured response to the crises embroiling the middle east. measureded is my word because it's certainly not one that right wing pundits have been using. for instance, paul has criticized saying the situation calls for urgent action, not just improved rhetoric. and not to be outdone, bill crystal says the dithering of the obama administration has raised a more fundamental question, have our elites so encumbered by self-doubt, so weakened by sophistication, that they are incapable of acting decisively. but is the president really dithering or has he been deliberately cautious? maybe he's been thinking about that plaenlg made in 2002 that
3:55 pm
u.s. troops would be welcomed into iraq with flowers. something that still hasn't happened. you see, i'm not so sure that their strategy of strike first, think later, is really all that effective when it comes to middle eastern pay the tree arcs li mubarak or gadhafi. president obama has managed to walk a careful line. indeed nobody is calling the united states the great satan, nor is anyone suggesting that america is responsible for the unrest. in fact, gadhafi has been reduced to blaming al qaeda and the elicit use of drugs for the protests. and who knows if he's right. you see, they may have short memories, but the president seems to know his history and particularly as it relates to teddy roosevelt. speak softly and carry a big stick. he may even be thinking of the 18th century poet who wrote
3:56 pm
those immortal words fools rush in where angels fear to tread. and right now the big stick is sailing toward libya and to date, not a single american life has been lost. i think in today's circumstances cautious resolve is proving to be the better part of valor. before we go, we'd like to extend a very well deserved to andrea mitchell. later this afternoon, the national press foundation will present her with an a award for excellence in broadcast journalism. a high honor indeed and one entirely deserved. dylan ratigan is up next. i'll be here tomorrow. have a wonderful day. % soflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. one a day menopause formula.
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♪ achievement: puts receivables to work. ♪ achievement: expects a lot of itself. cfo: cash flow options, helping business achievers better manage their cash flow. pnc. for the achiever in us all. good afternoon. today compliments of your leaders, a quick fix. lawmakers voting on a budget bill that kicks the can down the road yet again.

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